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Analog/Digital Micro-Processor Model XK-550 Model MM-8000K

Model XK-550

Digital/Analog Trainer

Power Supplies Analog Section Digital Section Potentiometers
Variable Power Supply Function Generator - Sine, Triangle, Square wave Eight data switches 2 undedicated potentiometers 1K ohm & 100K ohm
+1.25V to 20VDC @ .5 amp(+1.25V to 20VDC @ 1 amp) Frequency adjustable in five ranges from 1 to 100KHz Two no bounce logic switches Breadboards
-1.25V to -20VDC @ .5 amp(-1.25V to -15VDC @ 1 amp) Fine frequency adjust Eight LED readouts, buffered 2 Breadboards, each containing 830 tie points
±12VDC @ 1 amp Amplitude adjust Clock frequency 1 to 100KHz  
+5VDC @ 1 amp DC offset Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave  
+30VAC center traped at 15VAC @ 1 amp      

Carrying Case
High impact molded organizer carrying case with hinges and double latches 16 ¼"(L) x 12"(W) x 5 5/8"(H). With flow through cooling to ventilate the power supply. A sloped side pocket next to the trainer can accommodate a wide range of digital mutimeters. The lid is designed to hold a broad array of tools.


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Model MM-8000K

Micro-Master A basic computer training kit to learn the fundementals of comuters

Starting from scratch, you can build a complete computer system. Our Micro-Master® Trainer teaches you to write into RAMs, ROMs, and run an 8085 microprocessor. You will write the initial instructions in permanent memory in a 2816E²PROM. Teaches you all about input and output ports and computer timers. Build your own keyboard and learn how to scan keyboard and display. No previous computer knowledge required. Simple, easy to understand instructions teaches you to write in machine language. Upon completion of this course, you will be proficient in computer technology. Complete with 126 page lesson manual, instructions, and experiments.

Price: $164

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