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DVD Duplicator System

The Applied Magic DVD Duplicator System is a perfect way to expand your current

production capabilities. The 18X easy-to use system will duplicate a video from any

format including DVD +R/RW, -R/RW and CDR. The Duplicator is also capabale of

double layer recording!

The DVD Duplicator System is a standalone DVD Duplicator System with LCD

Display. With its professional mechanism design and multi-function LCD panel, the

Duplicator System is easy for anyone to operate. It is a perfect cost-effective DVD

Duplicator for audio, data and video applications.

The Duplicator comes as a stand alone unit so there is no need for a computer. Simply

place the master in the DVD ROM and load your blank media, press one button. When

your DVD is completed the DVD writer drawer pops open with your finalized DVD (or CD).


18X Drives

Double Layer Recording

Heavy-Duty for Continuous Use

Automatic DVD format detection

Standalone IDE to IDE DVD Copy controller

Consistent Quality Results

Self diagnostics when power on

Easy operation without software and training

User friendly interface with LCD displays burn progress and diagnostics

4 IDE channel

Data buffer: 8MB SDRAM

Support internal 3.5" hard drive

Advanced features include: Test, Pre-Scan, Compare, Verify, Test & Copy

Build-in SOC Engine

Fully tested before shipping

1 Year Warranty on DVD Writers

2 Year Warranty on all other components

Optional 80GB Internal Hard Drive

Applied Magic Blu-Ray Duplicator

4-Target Blu-Ray Disc Duplicator is now available from Applied Magic!

With Blu-Ray players available for under $250 and Blu-Ray authoring becoming

increasingly affordable, the demand for delivering content on Blu-Ray is on the rise.

Expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition storage, the Blu-Ray disc

provides for high-capacity data recording and duplication of over 25-50GB per disc.

System Overview

The Blue-Ray Duplicator includes 3 recorders and a 400 GIG hard drive. You can

copy two disks with the original in the source drive, or you can transfer the original

file to the hard drive (through USB or from source drive) and burn 3 discs at once.

The process is simple to use and requires no set-up time to start.

Advanced Features