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The MPX-70 is Roland’s latest Metaza Impact Printer. With three times the speed and twice the resolution as the MPX-60, the high-end desktop device permanently imprints photos into everything from jewelry and awards to key chains and Zippo lighters. It removes no material and operates quietly, making it ideal for jewelry stores, mall kiosks and photography studios.

Features - Specifications - $2900 /List $2995

The Roland EGX-20 desktop engraver is remarkably easy to operate, yet large and powerful enough to handle a wide variety of engraving jobs, including awards, product serial numbers, office directories and personalized items. It has everything you need to get started immediately, including a complete suite of engraving software.

Features - Specifications - $2400/List $2495.00

The EGX-30 provides the most cost-effective, computerized engraving solution available. Engineered for busy professionals looking for a second machine and beginners working on a limited budget, the EGX-30 engraves badges, nameplates, key rings, and luggage tags. It also scribes brass for awards and trophies.

Features - Specifications - $2900/List $2995.00

Roland's innovative EGX-300 offers professional engraving at a very attractive price. All functions have been carefully engineered to facilitate user-friendly operation, while providing first-rate capabilities. The EGX-300's proven technology, functionality and versatility combine to make it the most advanced computerized engraving system available at its price.

Features - Specifications - $4800/List $4995.00

The Roland EGX PRO Series has the power, size and speed professional engravers need. With Roland High Speed Engraving (HSE) technology, the EGX-400 and EGX-600 have a maximum engraving speed of 100 mm/second and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000 rpm. Both can handle a wide variety of materials, including wood, urethane foam, plastic, acrylic, and light metals such as brass and aluminum. Best of all, these benchtop engravers are a tremendous value.

EGX-400 & EGX-600

Features - Specifications - EGX-400 $9600/List $9995 EGX-600 $11,400/List $11,995