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RapidPRO Low-Cost Rapid Prototyping System

RapidPRO allows the user to create solid objects designed using any 3D CAD system (such as SolidWorks or Inventor) capable of saving files in .STL format, a common standard in the 3D CAD world. These models are created from a special sticky-backed paper using a vinyl cutter.

RapidPRO imports a solid model and, using a special “wizard”, takes just a few clicks to “slice” the model. The slices are then cut out of the  sticky-backed paper in conjunction with the vinyl cutter (we can provide the Roland CAMM-1 or you can us an existing vinyl cutter), nesting as many slices as possible on a sheet to minimize paper usage. To further minimize material costs, the model can be scaled and the required number of sheets is displayed at any chosen scale.

The vinyl cutter also cuts registration holes and numbers each slice. The slices are retained in whole sheets and positioned accurately on assembly pegs in an ordered manner, the backing paper being removed between each slice. The assembly process is surprisingly fast and accurate. A craft knife is required to facilitate “weeding” of paper that is not used in the final model, for instance the circles that form internal holes. When finally assembled, the models are surprisingly strong and, as the name of the product suggests, can include geometry elements that are impossible to machine, like internal shaped holes for instance. The assembled models can be further sprayed and sanded to form a smooth finish if that is necessary. The models are strong enough to be used as molds for vacuum forming and low-pressure injection molding.The software is comes with a supply of pegs and paper. Additional pegs and paper can be provided by Mid-Atlantic Training. The model assembly process lends itself well to a homework project. RapidPRO is used by schools, colleges, universities and industrial users world-wide.

These pictures show the type of work that can be performed with RapidPRO, these models were created in a classroom environment, courtesy of The University of Utah, Mechanical Engineering Department.

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